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A collection of apps that connect documents and images to PACS and EHR.

CaptureWare includes numerous connectivity apps that integrate any image into your EHR, PACS or other enterprise system. CaptureWare is your one stop connectivity solution.

Scan documents and photos
Upload Non-radiology JPEGs and PDFs
Fill out and annotate electronic forms
Import outside CDs

CaptureWare Apps

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Easily scan any clinical paperwork directly into any imaging study.
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Photo Upload
Upload and convert to DICOM visible light photos and other clinical images into your EHR or PACS.
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CD Import
A simple, robust app to import outside DICOM CDs and studies.
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Electronic Forms
Eliminate paper-based clinical workflows and ensure all structured measurements, are associated with the correct patient.
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Print to Dicom
Virtually "print" any document to DICOM, associate it with patient contet and send it directly to your EHR or PACS.
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Document Scanning

Scan documents from any Twain compliant scanner to DICOM.
Supports Multi-Page, dual-sided, blank page removal and other scanning features.
Auto-Invert supported
Review and edit scanned documents before sending to PACS.

Pathology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Digital Photos

Capture visible light images from cameras, media and other devices.
Convert JPEG, BMP, PNG, MP4 and other file formats to DICOM.
Edit and annotate acquired images before sending.

Electronic Forms

Supports web entry of data via text fields, pulldowns and radio boxes.
Fields can be set as required.
Auto-fill fields directly from DICOM SRs, DICOM modality worklist and other sources.
Draw directly on any form.

CD Import

Import outside DICOM studies to PACS from CD/DVD/USB/Folders.
Seamless Reconciliation of patient demographic information.
Supports standard and non-standard DICOM media - No DICOMDIR required.


Launch from most PACS/EMRs with patient/study context.
Integration support for Epic and Cerner EMRs.
Supports DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL) for accurate demographic entry.

Connectivity Platform Benefits

CaptureWare leverages the power of the Altamont Connectivity Platform.

Centralized deployment, configuration, authentication and audit.
Launch directly from an EHR or PACS and maintain patient/study context.
Leverage single sign-on to minimize user logins.
All apps are zero footprint

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