CaptureWare Video

A smiling Lab tech standing in front of surgery not helping at all with her mask down in high risk enviroment.

Consolidate, standardize, and simplify the capture of non-DICOM video and still images from all medical scopes in every department.

Connect video clips and images to PACS & EMR

CaptureWare Video is a software solution that automates the capture and conversion of non-DICOM still images and video to DICOM from any scope. CaptureWare Video enables visible light still images and video to be available in your EHR, VNA or PACS, and become an easily accessible part of the patient’s clinical record.

An Ultrasound Tech holding an Ultrasound device with a monitor behind her


By providing a single, simple zero footprint user interface for all outside studies, users no longer require training for multiple cloud vendor solutions. In addition, rules based purging eliminates studies which serve no purpose before they go to PACS or VNA.

Integrates all departments that capture video, regardless of size (Not just GI & Surgery)
Expands the capability of your existing enterprise imaging IT infrastructure.
Eliminates islands of information on scope vendor specific PACS.
Low cost with enterprise licensing options.
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High Definition and Standard Video Sources

Captures videos and stills from 4K (High definition) and standard video sources.

Video Editing

Easily trim video clips
Extract key still images


Draw directly on still images using your mouse or stylist
Predefined terms and ad-hoc text can be dropped to identify key areas
Place circles or rectangles to highlight relevant regions

Centralized Administration


Hardware Support

Validated against a wide variety of off the shelf video capture devices
Touch screen compatible user interface
Foot pedal and scope trigger support

Connectivity Platform Benefits

CaptureWare Video leverages the power of the Altamont Connectivity Platform.

Centralized deployment, configuration, authentication and audit.
Launch directly from an EHR or PACS and maintain patient/study context.
Leverage single sign-on to minimize user logins.
All apps are zero footprint

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